I love spending time with my boyfriend, being creative, exploring and the adventure that comes with it. Only problem is that we spend most of our time in the daily rat-race and I  have found my self very un-happy being a part of this rat-race. A race that we are raised to grow-up thinking that we must be apart of. Growing up I learned how to do without a lot of things in life. But then again, at a young age, I really never though I was missing anything. Sure, I would have loved to have new shoes before my toes were hanging out, sure I wanted some of the things that my friends had. Growing up not having what the average middle class kid had, I though that "when I grow up" I will make sure I can have what I want. Well I am an adult now (can't call me self grown because we grow everyday) and have a house, are car and a job that people would kill to have,..............and I no longer want it, it is not me. This is my journey to learn how to appreciate to life and people again.